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A Life That God Rewards

A Life That God Rewards

“You go to heaven based on what Jesus did for you on the Cross... but, your reward in Heaven is based on what you did in this life with what He gave you.” This simple statement is the focus of our brand new series - A Life that God Rewards. It may sound hard to believe, but Jesus actually spent more time talking with His disciples about rewards than He did about the Cross. Does that mean the Cross is less important? Of course, not! It's almost like he was saying "The Cross is on Me - I've got that. Now, eternal reward - that's on you.” So, let me show you how. It is an incredible truth - God wants to reward you. He is looking to give you an eternal reward! Join us as we explore how to live this life in order to receive maximum reward in Heaven. Decisions that you make every day are determining not where but how you spend eternity.